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Crochet-Paneled Crop Top: Forever21

Floral Lace Trim Maxi Skirt: Forever21

Fringed Bucket Bag: Forever21

Hat (Similar): ASOS

My outfit today was of course, very fall inspired. The cropped sweater I am wearing has a beautiful, detailed design and I love the 70’s inspired sleeves. Makes the sweater a lot cuter. The maxi skirt I am wearing is a pretty burn orange color with lace trim along the sides and there are two slits on each side of the skirt. The purse is my favorite. The fringe design makes this outfit a lot more bohemian and the gold studs tie in with the fall look. And to top it all off, I just added a floppy hate to add a little something.

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(This whole outfit is sold out but here are some links to similar items!)

Dress: Similar

Bralette: Forever 21

Necklace: Forever21 (In gold)

Shoes: Chloes

Todays look is a Brandy Melvile inspired style. I adore there jada dresses because for one, they are so cute and secondly they are so comfy! Plus you are able to dress this dress up or down. Add a statement necklace, nice shoes and you can go out at night or you could just wear it during the day like I did.

The shoes I am wearing are from Forever 21 but I could not find them online but these sandles are probably my favorite. The design is so bohimean and not your normal gladiator sandles.

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Top: Forever21

High waisted Jeans: Forever21

Bag: Forever 21 (Sold out) 

Rings: Rue21

Boots: Similar

This is the outfit I wore to work today! I’m a visual merchandiser for Forever 21. (That why 99% of my clothes are from there) The top has a sort of bat style to it when you lift your arms, which I love. Plus is monochrome which is my favorite! Now, surprisingly, I am wearing jeans which I normally never do. But these are so comfortable it feels like I am wearing leggings. They are a dark blue but unfortunately my low quality camera make them look black in some photos. I promise you they are very much blue in real life! The boots have a slight point at the end which makes the outfit a bit more professional and the purse is the perfect size for those who don’t carry much like me.

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Blouse: Charlotte Russe (Sold out)

Shorts: Forever21

Necklace: Forever21

Bracelet: Sold out

Heels (Out of this color)Payless

I live in Florida so it is still pretty hot during the day so here an outfit I wore today. I am in love with this off the shoulder blouse. It is a very light material and the train in the back makes the shirt so much cuter. The suede shorts I am wearing are actually on sale now for a great price at Forever 21! They are super comfortable and the color is a gorgeous light salmon color. Now for the jewelry, I went a little more boho to give the outfit a more edgy look. The Aztec design is very subtle but does the job. The heels I am wearing are a pinkish/nude color which I like because it matches perfect with the shorts. I know this is more of a spring outfit and we’re nearing fall but Florida is a little slow on the fashion trends considering its still 95 degrees outside!