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Crochet-Paneled Crop Top: Forever21

Floral Lace Trim Maxi Skirt: Forever21

Fringed Bucket Bag: Forever21

Hat (Similar): ASOS

My outfit today was of course, very fall inspired. The cropped sweater I am wearing has a beautiful, detailed design and I love the 70’s inspired sleeves. Makes the sweater a lot cuter. The maxi skirt I am wearing is a pretty burn orange color with lace trim along the sides and there are two slits on each side of the skirt. The purse is my favorite. The fringe design makes this outfit a lot more bohemian and the gold studs tie in with the fall look. And to top it all off, I just added a floppy hate to add a little something.

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Knit Sweater: (Out of this color) H&M

Jeans: Topshop

Boots: (Similar) Forever21

Today I decided to dress in some fall colors since fall is right around the corner… (So excited!) The sweater I am wearing is a very thin knitted material so it’s perfect for days when it’s in between being cold and warm. The jeans I am wearing are my absolute new obsession. I bought them at Topshop and I have never had a pair of jeans fit me so well, you’ll all be seeing me wearing these a lot over the next season. And finally, I just added some black booties with a gold trim around the bottom to match with the mustard yellow sweater.