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Shirred Trumpet-Sleeve Top; Forever21

Buttoned A-Line Skirt: Forever21

Booties: SOLD OUT

This was my outfit today! It was very 70’s inspired and I liked how it turned out. The top has these AMAZING sleeves that just go on forever. This shirt is great too because no matter what you pair it with, it makes the outfit looks more expensive when in reality, you only spent 25 dollars. The jean skirt I just bought yesterday and I love it. I have been searching for a jean skirt for awhile but everything I tried didn’t work. I like this one because of the button detail in the front and it flairs out a bit.

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High-Neck Lace Maxi Dress: Forever21

Bralette (Similar): Urban Outfitters

Black Pencil Skirt (Similar): Urban Outfitters

Black Booties: Sold out on Forever 21 🙁

Necklace: Sold Out

Hello, everyone! Today I decided to go a little bold and wear this lace maxi dress that is completely see through so I paired it with my go-to black bralette and this short pencil skirt. I absolutely love this look because it’s perfect for the month of October which is nearing very soon.  The dress itself is very elegant but pairing it with some boots makes it more casual and that is what I was going for. This would also be a perfect outfit for a festival!

Now my favorite part of this outfit has to be the boots. I first saw these boots on a fashion bloggers Instagram post and I fell in love. The gold cut out heel is so unique and makes the boots so much more retro. I cannot tell you how many compliments I got on these ha-ha. So these are definitely going to be a big statement piece in my wardrobe!

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Striped Dolman Sleeve Blouse: Forever21

Skort (Similar): Forever21

Buckles Faux Leather Boots: Forever21

Black Leather Tote Bag: LastCall

Necklace: Sold Out

I think it’s safe to say, I love every monochrome! Most all my outfits include black and white, which I don’t mind at all. But anyway, the blouse I am wearing is this adorable cropped blouse with bat sleeves. I actually have another post featuring this shirt because I love it so much. But this time I paired it with this little black skort! Skorts are something I did not like for a very long time because I guess I didn’t really know how to wear them but lately I’ve been giving them a chance and I think they are actually really cute. (If you pair them correctly).

The boots I am wearing are from Forever 21 and normally I am a fan of their boots because I’ve never had a problem with them before. But I am a little disappointed with these. They are incredibly comfortable and are super grungy and cute but whenever I walk they make this sound like leather rubbing together. (It’s hard to describe the sound). It is really annoying when I’m walking in a quiet area so I am hoping that I just have to break them in and they will stop making this sound but who knows. 

Regardless, I really love this outfit (: