Traveling is what I live for. It is the addiction I can not crack. Always wanting to pack a suitcase and jet set off too an unfamiliar country and experience all it has to offer. There is so much beauty in this world and so much culture and I believe you learn more while traveling and interacting with people from these countries than you would in a classroom. And once you get a taste of it, you don’t want to stop.

One of my favorite aspects of traveling is also how it benefits my blog. Being able to shoot in new and different locations is so much fun. I am always trying to keep my content new and on trend so visiting countries with century old buildings sure makes for one great photo! I love creating moments but I also love capturing them as well.

Recently I traveled to Panama. I didn’t know what to expect so before any trip, I take to instagram and search the location i’ll be staying at to figure out the best spots to hit. My favorite area of Panama was this little city area called, ‘Casco Viejo.’ All my photos below are taken there. This is considered the historic district in Panama. Streets of endless colored buildings and vendors by the seaside selling handmade crafts. Beautiful and relaxing. I’d definitely recommend you visiting here sometime in your life!

After blogging for a little over 2 years, I have learned what makes for a great shot. I can look at a building or a whatever I wish to photograph and know right away if the photo will come out as beautiful as it looks in person.

Here are so easy hacks for knowing where to shoot!

#1 Lighting

Anyone who is even the littlest familiar with photography knows that lighting probably plays one of the, if not the most important role. When setting up your shot you have to make sure the lighting is just right. Too sunny will lead to an overexposed and fuzzy photo that will not look very high quality. Too dark, well… that kind of speaks for itself. I have learned that overcast normally gives me the best images to work with. This way, the sun doesn’t drain or highlight anything in the photo too much. So if your weather app tells you it will be ‘party cloudy’ pull out your cameras friends!

#2 Angles

Angles are really can do the most for any photo. You hear so many people say, “Oh this is my bad angle!” Well, that is true. One angle will have a photo looking like a 3 year old took it will make you location not anything special. You switch your angle up a little bit, you are now looking like a high end model who is in the most elite locations. Getting low to the ground and shooting pointing up is always my go to. Gets everything in shot and more to look at. I am not a professional photographer by any means so here a link to some easy angle tips!

#3 Filters 

Now, I’m not gonna lie… Filters truly save the day. Especially in the blogging community when everyone wants a aesthetically cohesive theme. I can not tell you the times I am unhappy with a photo and I think I have nothing to work with but then I go onto Lightroom and add my preset to it and it makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD. Photos transform into works of art and really emphasis the beauty in the photo. So I definitely recommend downloading a filter app. If you are a beginner editor, VSCO and Snapseed are great and easy to use. Lightroom is a bit more advanced and pricier but the best in my opinion.

I hope you all enjoyed this little post about my love for traveling and my little tips to get that instagram worthy shot! Traveling is something I believe everyone needs to do at one point in their life. You can’t expect to grow if you are stuck in the same state or country your entire life. Catch the next flight out and explore all the world has to offer.

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Lauren xx

Old fashioned candy shop with a hint of a rainbow? Yes and yes!

I love exploring and finding new places to shoot and turning a somewhat normal and boring area into a picture perfect moment. I think that is why I started blogging in the first place. Capturing these moments and being able to find the beauty in them. Any moment could make for the perfect photo!


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Tropical vibes anyone? The look I wore today made me wish I was on holiday in some tropical island relaxing in the sun! In reality, I was still in Florida; hot and tropical yet, but relaxing holiday? Nope.

This dress is perfect for a spring date night or night on the town. Very fun and flirty and the cut out in the middle gives this look a more sexy vibe.

Since this dress is very neutral and nude, I wanted to add a pop of color which is why I went with this adorable headband! The colors in this brings the whole outfit together.

I know what you’re thinking… “is she really wearing trousers?” I KNOW. This never happens.

But sometimes, trousers is far too cute to pass up up. This was definitely the case in this instance.

This look is perfect for brunch or a nice day outside. I ran around in this look all day and I didn’t get too hot which is a rarity in Florida!


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Accessory wise, I decide to pop a hat on when the sun got a little too bright and it pretty much completed the outfit!