Finding denim that is the perfect fit AND a great quality is normally an impossible task. But, there is one brand that never lets me down when it comes to their denim selection. That brand is of course,  Topshop!

Almost all of my denim in my closet is from Topshop. I bought my first pair back in 2015 and I have worn them at least 100 times now. They are still as good as new. No rips, no discoloration, and still fit me like a glove!

Topshop has the latest and trendiest denim which makes it so much fun to shop because it feels like there are unlimited options! Denim ranges from:






& So many more.

The best part of Topshop denim is their Size Guide. As a tall girl, I always struggle finding denim that is long enough for my legs (you know the struggle if you’re 5’8 or over). I’m sure this goes for short girls as well. Topshop has denim that fits every body type because for each waist size, they give multiple length options! Seriously such life saver.


My first look, is very casual and comfy. I love the pairing of a tees, denim, and some cute sneakers for the perfect day look.

The MOTO Washed Mom Jeans are such a great staple piece. You can easily wear these with most anything and it would still be fashionable. I love the fact mom jeans are in style again! 90’s fashion lives on.

I love funky Tees that have a very retro vibe to them. This Colorado Motif T-Shirt was made to be paired with Topshop’s MOTO Washed Mom Jeans.

Shop my first look here: Mom Jeans + Retro Tee

My second look is more on the girly side and if anyone knows me, knows how much I love floral detailing (:

I am wearing Joni Jeans which happen to be my go-to jean. I could honestly live and sleep in these babies because they are just that comfortable. I’m not kidding. You don’t even feel like you are wearing denim because they are light weight, stretchy, and very skin tight.

Even though it is still Winter, spring is right around the corner! So it is the time to start transitioning into more spring fashion. The Floral Jacquard Wide Sleeve Sweater looks amazing with my White Joni Jeans for the perfect winter to spring look. The sweater will keep you warm in the cold but the pops of yellow and pink welcome spring.


You seriously can not beat Topshop denim! With denim starting at just $65 and sizes running from 24 to 36… cmon guys, best quality for a low price! This is why Topshop will always be my favorite place to shop for the perfect denim.

Shop my looks:

Look 1 [Mom Jeans]

Look 2 [Joni Jeans]

OH…. Did I mention coupons?!

Make sure to take a discount with my coupon code HERE

I hope you all enjoyed learning more about Topshop’s denim collection and I hope you all join in and get yourself a pair, I promise you… you will not regret it! (:

This post is in collaboration with Topshop and Stylinity



Blouse: ZARA

Skirt: Forever 21

Shoes: Forever 21

I traveled up to Indianapolis this weekend and what a beautiful city! I believe it is extremely underrated. Around every corner is another breath-taking building with amazing architecture. The whole time I was snapping pictures like crazy, haha!

But, the main reason for this post is of course my OOTD. I wanted to be comfortable yet still stylish while exploring this city so I paired a simple white blouse that I unbuttoned two of the buttons to give it a more distinct look and paired it with my trusty denim skirt!

Now, it’s now secret that the shoes are the real eye catcher here. The beautiful and unique buckle details will have heads turning. I loved these heels too because they are so comfortable to walk around in.


Hello everyone. This is going to be a little different than my normal fashion centered post. Backseatchic was intended on being all things fashion related and nothing else. I have always been an extremely private and introverted person and never liked or felt comfortable showing my vulnerable side to pretty much anybody. So I kept this blog strictly fashion, the only side I have felt comfortable sharing with all of you until now. I really don’t know why I am like that or what made me like that but I think the main reason was so I would never get hurt. I mean, if you never show emotions how can someone ever hurt you? And… that worked for a very long time but as I’ve gotten older and I matured I’ve realized that isn’t a healthy way to live your life.

Life gets hard. Life is brutal. Life knocks you down from time to time to the point you start questioning, what is the point of all of this? And years ago I used to surround my thoughts with that mindset. I was consumed with sadness to the point it became my comfort zone. Whenever I felt an ounce of happiness I felt uncomfortable and crawled back into my bubble of darkness because that is what I was used to. Sadness can be extremely addicting. It becomes the only constant thing in your life and when everything gets too hard you start relying on it.

I think part of the problem is, now in our world we kind of Romanize sadness. Being depressed has become a personality trait and relatable instead of a mental illness. And it shouldn’t be like that, especially for those who actually suffer from depression but aren’t taken seriously. Sadness is not beautiful…. It’s just sad and ugly. There is nothing romantic about wishing this would all end.

But you know what is beautiful? Happiness. Complete and utter happiness. The kind where you start looking forward to the next day instead of dreading it because you realize every single feeling you are feeling at this exact moment, is just temporary. Happiness is not a destination, it is a feeling. Just like hunger or tiredness. Sometimes happiness might fade away and sadness might return but it is all temporary. I think if everyone had that mindset we would all be a lot better off.

As I am writing this, I am feeling extremely sad. Probably the saddest I have been in years but that is okay. That means I am alive and normal. Right now, I want to punch, scream and hide away from the world because life is knocking me to the ground. My motivation is completely shot at the moment and I just want to lie in bed all day and watch Netflix until I stop feeling like this. And years ago, I would have saw no hope right now. I would have thought, this is it. I am just always going to feel like this, what is the point?

But, everything is temporary. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next week, but eventually I will look back at this post and smile because I will know I got through this rough patch. We need to feel sadness to appreciate our happiness.

Well, I have let you all into another little piece of my brain and although that terrifies me…. I know although I feel hopeless at the moment, at least I was able to push myself to write this all out and press “Publish.”

  • Lauren xx