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Blouse: Charlotte Russe (Sold out)

Shorts: Forever21

Necklace: Forever21

Bracelet: Sold out

Heels (Out of this color)Payless

I live in Florida so it is still pretty hot during the day so here an outfit I wore today. I am in love with this off the shoulder blouse. It is a very light material and the train in the back makes the shirt so much cuter. The suede shorts I am wearing are actually on sale now for a great price at Forever 21! They are super comfortable and the color is a gorgeous light salmon color. Now for the jewelry, I went a little more boho to give the outfit a more edgy look. The Aztec design is very subtle but does the job. The heels I am wearing are a pinkish/nude color which I like because it matches perfect with the shorts. I know this is more of a spring outfit and we’re nearing fall but Florida is a little slow on the fashion trends considering its still 95 degrees outside!

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2 piece set: Forever 21 (Not availible online)

Heels: Forever21

I’m going on a dinner date tonight and I think this is the perfect outfit! The 2 piece set is more of a thick material so when it gets a little cool out, it will keep me warm and the tropical floral design is still appropriate because it isn’t fall just yet. The heels are what really bring this whole outfit together. It turns a casual outfit into a night on the town outfit. Also, the heels are so chunky that my feet won’t hurt by the end of the night. This is definitely a piece I will wear again.

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Shirt (Similar): Forever21

Pants: Forever21

Necklace & Bracelet: Sold out

Shoes (Similar): Forever21

Fall is nearing so it’s time to start transitioning into the fall essentials. This outfit is perfect for the weather right now because it isn’t cold enough to start wearing jackets but booties are definitely appropriate. This outfit is very simple and not much to it but it definitely stands out. The purple stone on the necklace definitely gives this outfit the subtle pop of color while not taking away from the monochrome theme.