Sweater: SOLD OUT Jeans: Topshop Backpack: Forever21 Scarf: Target Beanie: Forever21

I visited New York again and took a stroll through Central Park. Beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe the vibrant colors of the leaves. One of my favorite places. I decided to wear all dark colors because you can never go wrong with the simple look.










Top: Forever21 Suede Skirt (Similar): Styles For Less  Boots: DSW

Lately, I have been really into the “patch work” look. It screams fall and also gives off that 70’s look that I obviously love. I love the color combination of this shirt and also the design of it. Very modern yet very vintage.

The suede button up skirt matches perfectly with this top which worked out great because I already had this skirt in my closet! I know I have been going crazy with the suede this season but I can’t help it.

And finally, I got my hands on some adorable thigh-high boots. I have been searching everywhere to find some that fit perfectly and were the correct height. And when I came across these, I had to buy them. I am so excited to be using these throughout fall and winter. Great essential.








Suede Skirt: Forever21 Blouse: SOLD OUT Booties: Forever21  Bag: Forever21

Today I walked around a cute little area in my town and since I live in Florida, the high was 90 degrees. So dressing for fall is not an option yet. Instead I tried to incorporate some fall pieces with still dressing appropriate for the weather.

The skirt I am wearing is my new obsession. I have always loved suede skirts but the hole details at the bottom of the skirt intrigued me. You could do so much with this skirt. You dress it up for a night out with adding a leather jacket or you could do what I did and just add a simple flowy blouse.

The boots I am wearing are my most recent purchase. I never thought to buy grey booties before because they kind of scared me. I didn’t know how or what to wear them with. But with all fall clothing coming out I am finding more and more things to wear them with. Denim for example look so good with these boots! I love them.

Safe to say, I love the 70’s look! Today I grabbed my new favorite flared jeans and paired them with this adorable burnt orange blouse. Flare jeans are perfect for this season and can be dressed up so nicely. I will definitely have to add these to my fall essentials. Finally, I added these beautiful black booties that I am obsessed with!





IMG_0106 \


Self-Tie Neck Cropped Blouse: Forever21

Flare Jeans: Forever21

Black booties with Gold Heel: SOLD OUT

This was my outfit I wore to “Halloween Horror Nights.” For those of you who don’t know, HHN is an event that takes place at Universal Studies and it is basically an interactive horror experience. While you’re walking around creatures and monsters with chainsaws will jump out at you and scare you. It is so much fun if you enjoy scary things just like I do! There are also haunted houses you go through and each one has a different theme. Like the ones I went in based of the Insidious movies, one based off all the monsters throughout the ages and the last one I went through was an Alice In Wonderland asylum which was my personal favorite, so creepy! Halloween Horror Nights is definitely an experience!

My outfit I am wearing for some reason, reminded me of ‘The Lovely Bones’ because I feel like the main girl would have worn this outfit… I don’t know.  I’m not going to go in full detail about this outfit because I have done multiple blog posts that consist of this outfit so it isn’t anything new. But I do like how I paired it this time. The knee high schools give off this cool 70’s vibe, which I love.

Sweater (Sold out in this color): H&M

Buttoned A-Line Denim Skirt: Forever21

Knee-High Socks: Forever21

Black Booties: SOLD OUT