Oia, Santorini

Maxi Dress: Forever 21

I remember when I was around 17 years old, a lost and confused teenager who didn’t really know what she wanted out of life. I had no idea what career I would land in and if I would even be happy in the field I chose. All I knew was, having a normal 9-5 job absolutely terrified me. I’ve never chased normality. I would watch movies about people who would wake up one day and decide to leave everything behind and travel the world and somehow, I knew I wanted that to be me. too I have always been a runner. I’ve never wanted to be in one place longer than a year because I get very anxious and have little moments of panic that I’m wasting my life away not exploring all the world has to offer. The world is a very big place and we only get, if we’re lucky about 100 years here and I don’t want that wasted away being normal.

So I decided at a young age, I would travel as much as possible (and as much as my bank account would allow it). I created a bucket list of the top countries I’d dream of traveling to. And lucky, a couple weeks ago I got to cross off my top pick. Santorini, Greece.

Dress: Sabo Skirt

Sneakers: Zara

I don’t want to sound like EVERY SINGLE PERSON who visits Oia and goes: “Oh my gosh, it was a like a dream!” or “It was so beautiful, unlike anything I’ve ever seen before!” But… It honestly was a DREAM and unlike anything I’ve seen BEFORE. I was expecting beauty when I landed but when you walk through the cobbled streets for the first time and stare off into the Aegean Sea you are completely overwhelmed. Or at least I was. I am a sucker for a good view so this was heaven for me.

I think something that would be very beneficial to know for people who want to travel here is, EVERYTHING is in walking distance. I was very worried that I wouldn’t be able to find any of the top photo spots I’ve seen on Instagram before but Oia is not that large and there is one main “street” or “path” that goes through all of Oia and you will come across everything you are looking for!

Dress: Sugarhigh

#1 blogging tip for Oia visitors: Shoot your looks / shots the moment the sun rises. Oia is one of the top travel destinations in the world so the island is filled with tourists and the iconic photo spots you see all over the internet (i.e the blue domes) will have a very large cue of people trying to take photos. And if you’re anything like me, you get anxious when a bunch of people are watching you pose for a photo so you rush and end up not getting what you envisioned.

So going early when only a couple people are out and about is the best time for photography and then you can spend the rest of the day exploring and relaxing knowing you beat the rush.

Set: Seven Wonders

Now, onto the fashion aspect of Oia!

I had the most fun styling these looks because they are all very free and flirty. The sun shines brighter than anywhere here so light fabric is a must! Wearing layers will have you in a sweat in 5 minutes.

I wore a lot of dresses and sets while visiting because you want to be fashionable yet comfy. You are constantly walking everywhere and also, it gets quite windy so if you’re wearing a flowly dress make sure you are ready to hold it down, haha!

Set: SheIn

While visiting, you have to take the walk down to the Amoudi Bay! Some of the yummiest sea side restaurants and the best view! Id recommend making a reservation during the sunset because if not, finding a restaurant will be very difficult because everywhere will be booked already.

The only thing is, the walk back up to Oia is more of…. a hike. Hundreds of staircases so be prepared for that, haha! Or there are donkey ride options which is what I did! Super fun experience!


Top: Sabo Skirt

Skirt: Sabo Skirt

Capturing the beauty of Oia was very easy but at the same time  very difficult because no matter how good the photograph looks, it isn’t as good as the real thing. Like I said above, traveling is my passion and I wish to explore the world for the rest of my life but Oia will always have a special place in my heart because this was my dream destination, and I actually made it! So Oia is more than just a beautiful island to me, it stands for anything I hope for in life. It is an example of a dream coming true and that if you really want something, you can go out and do it. Just take that leap and you’ll make a memory for a lifetime.

Until next time.

Lauren x


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