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Teeth whitening has always been something I wanted to try but also one of those things I have always put off. You know how it is, life gets busy and you simply forget or do not have the time to make a dentist appointment. So I was very excited when the brand, Smile Brilliant reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try their teeth whitening kit.

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My teeth are something I take very special care of. I don’t drink soda or caffeine and try to stay away from sugary candy because I want to keep my teeth as healthy as possible.So I am always a little cautious with trying new products because I do not want anything to damage them.

But researching Smile Brilliant, I didn’t come across any bad reviews! Every person who said they tried out the whitening kit had excellent results and loved the process. So I thought, Why not give it a try because I had quite a few stains on my teeth that have formed over the years and wished to get rid of them.

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Smile Brilliant sends you the whitening kit which can include 3, 6, or 9 whitening gels and the same for desensitizing gels. I encourage ordering the same number of whitening gels as the desensitizing gels so you can use them at the same rate. It also comes along with the molding material to create your whitening trays.

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First off, you must create the molds for your teeth which is very simple. You take the base paste and the catalyst paste and mix them together by continuously folding them in half for about a minute. Make sure to place them in the trays evenly and quickly because the paste will harden if too much time has past. Luckily if a mistake is made, the kit comes with an extra set of paste for your convince.

Once the paste is in the trays, press the tray into your teeth evenly and deep enough so the material flows over the gums. This part is very important because the quality of your teeth whitening experience depends on the accurate dental impression! But don’t worry, it is pretty simple. Just make sure you don’t wiggle the tray while the impressions are being made.

If you would like to view a video on how exactly the impressions are made, check this out:

Once your impressions are made and completely dry, place them in the shipping bag and send it off to Smile Brilliant’s factory for your custom fit trays to be created!

I was surprised with how quickly I got my trays back. It only took 5-6 business days for me to receive them and they fit perfectly!

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Now the fun part began! The teeth whitening process is actually extremely simple. I was quite worried I was going to mess it up and make a mess but Smile Brilliant made that almost impossible to happen with their clear instructions.

After you brush your teeth with just water you simply take 1 of the teeth whitening gels and apply a thin layer to the front part of the trays. Make sure to dry your teeth to the best of your ability and insert each top and bottom tray. [Try using a forward pressing motion to avoid dragging the gel down] The gel will then distribute evenly over all your teeth!

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Depending on how sensitive your teeth and gums you can keep the gel on for 45-3 hours. I luckily do not have sensitive teeth AT ALL. Even with my first application I didn’t feel any sensitivity  besides a little tingle in my gums that went away after about a minute. So I was able to keep the application for around 2 hours each time. But, I know many do have sensitive teeth so Smile Brilliant comes with a desensitizing gel which reduces sensitivity!

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Once you finished the application, brush your teeth. Applying the desensitizing gel is the same as the whitening gel except you only keep it in for about 15 minutes. Once those 15 minutes are done, do not brush your teeth because the desensitizing is hydrating your gums again and you don’t want to wash that away.

For more information about tooth sensitivity, here is a link for your benefit: 

Teeth Sensitivity Information

DAY 1 (before):


DAY 5:


DAY 10:


DAY 14 (final result):


I can not tell you how happy I am with my results! I am constantly smiling and I feel a million times more confident (: Teeth are something I believe should be spoiled. You should aways want your teeth looking the healthiest and brightest they can possibly be and with the amazing help from Smile Brilliant my teeth are glowing! I have gotten so many compliments and questions about how I whitened my teeth. I was worried the stains on the bottom of my teeth would never go away since they have been there  for so long but after 14 days, no more stains! So I would HIGHLY recommend Smile Brilliant to you all, you will not be disappointed!

Check out Smile Brilliant’s website to purchase all the whitening products:

And because I love Smile Brilliant so much, If you use my discount code: to get 5% off your next purchase! (:

Finally, if Smile Brilliant is a little out of your price budget, there is also a GIVEAWAY you can enter to win the whole whitening kit, $139.95 credit! Which is 1 set of custom teeth trays, 3 whitening gels, and 3 desensitizing gels! If you’re a U.S resident the shipping is free, but if you’re outside the U.S you are responsible for the shipping cost.


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